Fairfield Primary School 2711. ‘The Langridge Street Knowledge Emporium’. Celebrating 125 years: 1885 – 2010.

One thing I loved about this project was its immersion in community history. From working with the students, to garnering sponsorship from the local community, to teaming up with other parents from the school who were passionate and fearless in their endeavours to raise money and get the book published, then finally the community History Day with record crowds searching for their class photos, some going back decades, and the book launch.

Fairfield Primary School was 125 years and almost as old as Fairfield itself. Its story reflects the growth, fluctuation and characteristics that are part of the local history and community. This book shows how intertwined a school and its environment and community can be.

This was our inaugural History Detective@Work program. An important part of this story is the five year project undertaken by Fairfield Primary School students into the history of their school and their community in the lead up to the 2010 anniversary. I was able to utilise many of their oral histories, research, writings and drawings in the book which was incredibly satisfying for all of us!

Fairfield Primary School, 2010
ISBN: 9780646536712, paperback, 70 pages