HistoryAtWork advocates for history and heritage to be meaningful in people’s lives. We work with communities, places and collections to tell stories that matter.

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Knowing your community’s history, and your place within it, gives you a sense of belonging and enables you to connect its significance to your own life.

We relish the challenge of researching and presenting the history of your neighbourhood, institution, profession, organisation, school, family, or just yourself.

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As with communities, understanding a place’s social and developmental history can help us appreciate its relationship to our lives and to the world around us. 

We are experts in extracting history from primary and secondary records and applying honest, engaging interpretation to your favourite house, building, precinct, region or landscape.



Exploring the breadth and depth of your collections with an experienced eye reveals their  potential for custodians and the broader community alike.

We assist and guide you to apply sound principles and methodologies to collection management, significance assessments, conservation and interpretation.

HistoryAtWork endorses The Value of History, a statement adopted by the History Councils of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia in July 2019.

In keeping with our values the Statement declares that ‘The study of the past and telling its stories are critical to our sense of belonging, to our community and to our shared future’.