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HistoryAtWork has spent over twenty years working with communities, places and collections.

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Our methodologies include oral, digital and interpretive history, assessment of significance and preservation needs, auditing and curating collections, online or physical exhibitions, editing, transcription and digitising, memoir, life story and biography. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of these methodologies.

Our clients include individuals, families, professional organisations, community groups, local government, and institutions. Call us or send an email if you would like a client list.

We can provide referees for any projects or roles you read about below, and samples of our work. If our work is online you can see it now by visiting the History for you page.


Oral History in collection management

An interesting use for oral history arose out of the significance assessment I did earlier this year for Ambulance Victoria's museum collection in Thomastown. It soon became clear that more information was needed about the objects they cared for - information and stories that would make these objects meaningful. Ambulance Victoria has a strong historical consciousness and were very eager to receive advice on how to improve on the lack of information available about the history of the ambulance service. 

The retired ambulance officers in charge of the Historical Society are an amazing bunch of knowledgeable story tellers. So we arranged a day at the Ambulance Victoria headquarters with a recorder, camera and as many of the most significant objects as we could bring over from the Thomastown museum and spent a few hours discussing them one at a time. 

The result was a great deal of chat and reminiscing, and the beginning of a series of collection records to record object details, provenance and relevant historical information. Some of the objects we discussed are pictured below. A great day!

Emma Russell