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HistoryAtWork has spent over twenty years working with communities, places and collections.

Please explore our projects below to read about this work.

Our methodologies include oral, digital and interpretive history, assessment of significance and preservation needs, auditing and curating collections, online or physical exhibitions, editing, transcription and digitising, memoir, life story and biography. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of these methodologies.

Our clients include individuals, families, professional organisations, community groups, local government, and institutions. Call us or send an email if you would like a client list.

We can provide referees for any projects or roles you read about below, and samples of our work. If our work is online you can see it now by visiting the History for you page.


Medical Defence by Doctors For Doctors. Publication. Oral history.

MDAV was an organisation run by doctors for doctors for 112 years. Formed to help members answer claims against them and to assist with legal costs Council members, as doctors themselves, fully understood the trials and tribulations their membership dealt with in their daily practices. It was a natural step for them to wade in on situations impinging on the welfare of their members.

From raising the gauntlet against masqueraders threatening the livelihood of the profession, to resolving inadequacies and points of injustice where medicine and the law intersected, to riding through indemnity crises, medical specialisation, medical consumerism, and a shake-up in the medical indemnity world, MDAV always abided by the advice it gave its members – be thoughtful, be careful, be good.

This book seeks to understand the challenges faced by the profession throughout the 20th century and the relationship between medicine, the law and society.

Avant Mutual Group Limited, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9758113-3-7, hardback, 110 pages 
With Vicky Ryan

Emma Russell