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Bathing boxes, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. www.australia.com/en/places/victoria.html

Bathing boxes, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. www.australia.com/en/places/victoria.html


Historical Society Special Edition Newsletter - August 2019

We’ve produced a ‘Historical Society’ special edition newsletter. You can read about some of our projects that sprung from the Local History Grant Program or the Community Heritage Grants program, both of them live again soon, and other work supported by local government but in partnership with historical societies. You may find inspiration for your own collections and communities.


DIY memoir, life story or family history guide

We also launch our new DIY memoir, life story or family history to celebrate a successful 2019 Family History Month. This has been a long time in the making but, based on our extensive experience helping people to write their memoirs or life stories we know there is a strong desire in the community to pass on their stories, but many difficulties to overcome including cost.

This guide will alleviate those concerns and get you across the finishing line. You can read more about it at our History for you page and, in the spirit of fostering family and community histories and generally raising the historical consciousness in all of us please tell your family, friends and colleagues about this Guide.

We are offering a special launch price for the next month or two. We’d love to hear from you about your experience with the Guide.

The Pavers of Lisbon.jpg

Winter 2019

In our last newsletter we shared with you our thoughts on communities - what it means to be part of one, and how they evolve over time. We continue this discussion with some thoughts on the role that communities have in shaping cultural collections and the built heritage around us.

If you’re still reeling from last month’s federal election and have politics on the brain, you may be interested in our work with Boroondara’s mayoral portraits. In this piece, we share some fascinating - and occasionally scandalous! - insights into the professional and private lives of the city’s past leaders.

Lastly, we have yet another traveller’s tale; this one comes from the cobbled footpaths of Lisbon.


Autumn 2019

Our work with local councils has us thinking about communities and what it means to be part of one, and we have a story of one we have worked with and the tremendous changes in its short history. There is also another traveller’s tale from one of the most exciting and interactive museums in the United States.

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Summer 2019

History Week is done and dusted for another year but that doesn’t mean the world of history and heritage gets to rest! We bring you thoughts on:

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Spring 2018

We’re making history! Welcome to our first newsletter. Spring is all about new beginnings and we have a new website, some new projects, a new book and a bigger team