Memory Victoria Project

This was a State Library of Victoria project to conduct significance assessments of local history collections in public libraries across the state.

I managed a team of seven historians, including myself, to develop a methodology and program that enabled us to visit, study, write short local histories of each area and report on the collections that represented them in 56 public libraries across Melbourne, and from Mildura to Portland to Bairnsdale to Wodonga and dozens of places in between.

We saw and learnt many wonderful things about Victoria and were impressed and excited by the range and quality of local history collections. The depth and breadth of material available about the environment, migration, industry, transport, culture, community life, governance and family history in this state is quite breathtaking and there for anyone to use. Next time you are doing a history project, or some personal or academic research, don't forget the public library!

With Lesley Alves, Tsari Anderson, Robyn Ballinger, Claire Sandell, Michelle Summerton and Kim Torney.